Friday, March 25, 2011

Christmas wreath in March?

By now, many of you know of my obsession with felt. I came across a felt ball wreath (similar to this, but about double the size) back in December. Here is the post on the Norwegian blog Pickles (love the name, despite actually hating pickles). This seemed like a fun and easy project to tackle. Little did I know I would still be completing it in March due to a supply shortage. Apparently other people had the same idea and the balls were all backordered for 3 months so I just received my second batch a week ago. In total, this cost quite a bit more than I had initially imagined, so I'm hoping it will last a really long time.

I thought 100 balls would cut it, but it ended up being more like double that. I only realized this after organizing and sewing my first batch of 100 of them on and then only getting about 1/2 of the way around the wreath. I used a foam wreath form and then wrapped ribbon around it to spruce it up a bit in case you could see some of it through the balls.

Above, I laid them all out so that I could evenly distribute the colors throughout. Had to redo this once I got the new shipment and did rows of 5 instead of 4.

New batch is organized and ready to go.

I strung the balls with a needle and nylon fishing line. Through a bit of trial and error, it worked best to stick a pin in every inch or so and tie the end of the line around the pinhead. You know how the Scandinavians always say that you can tell the quality of something by looking on the back to see how it was finished. Hoping this will hold up.

I'm very pleased with how this looks even though I wish it was about triple the size.

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Kristen said...

Yay, it's done! It's super cute and still very appropriate for spring and every day of the year :)