Sunday, February 13, 2011

Reusable produce bags

So we already use canvas bags at the grocery, but I decided to make these produce bags. We never end up using the plastic ones from the store and, although we recycle them, it seemed like this was a better solution. With almost every project like this I make, afterward I question why I didn't just spend the money on ones that were mass produced. I guess I just like the challenge and have nothing better to do [note sarcasm].

I made them out of tutu material and bought about a half a yard and cut it to 20 x 28 inches (yeah random I know, I just kind of eyeballed it). I folded over the tops 1.5 inches and then folded under another half inch. Then pinned the tops with the ribbon/string in there. One thing I learned was that it isn't easy to iron this material. It either doesn't work or then it was too hot and melts. Argh. One nice surprise, it was definitely easier than I had imagined to sew this material. Anyways, all that was left was sewing up the sides and knotting the ribbon. We shall see how they work out.

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laehmc said...

love the color...and concept