Sunday, February 06, 2011

Chicken Cutlet: a tribute to Hedwig

Yesterday Steve, Elissa, Brita and I did the City of Lakes loppet snow sculpture contest. We arrived at 8am to find that our block had been vandalized and toppled over in two halves. We were originally going to do a tribute to Hedwig and so we decided to continue the idea, but cut her in half and then added the eggs. A couple people passing by thought it was a pineapple and matzo ball soup. I guess I can see it.

Here is what our block looked like when we arrived. The one next to us was also toppled over, but you can see one in the background, which is a full height.

It was 18 degrees out and it took us 4 hours to complete. We were cold. We used anything we could think of including saws, ice choppers, garden hand tools and drywall mudding tools.

Later in the evening Kristen and I skied the luminary loppet and Steve and Harriet walked part of it. It was a busy day.


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Alan said...

I thought your recovery of the vandalism was terrific.

I have not uploaded your hen yet but will soon.