Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter visit from the Smiths

My college roommate Travis drove up from LaCrosse with his wife Sarah, son Therin, and daughter Kya to meet Harriet. Travis and I took the kids to Lake Harriet for an hour or so on Saturday to see the annual kite festival. Hot cocoa, cider, ice fishing and kites! There wasn't much wind, but we still found a big kite in the air the to take a photo in front of.

Kya and her sparkle unicorn playing with Harriet and her sparkle pegasus.

Got some time to burn before breakfast? How about some old Nintendo games? Therin was very excited to beat Contra. Okay, so was I.

Official visitor photo for the Smith Family

When a 5 year old wants to hold a baby you make sure there are a few helping hands nearby. Kya and Harriet really loved each other's company. It was great to get together!

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