Monday, January 17, 2011

Framed, finally

So I kind of got a bee in my bonnet this weekend and sprung into action on a few overdue projects. I got the frames (above) at a rummage sale of these people last spring. I figured they would be perfect for the two bird prints I bought online from these Australian artists. Of course like every project, it involved a bit of work. I painted the frames (6 coats to be exact). Also had to get new glass because the old glass had that black frame screenprinted on them, which made for a much smaller opening to show the art. So I got some new glass at the stained glass store and then cut it myself. Worked well. The result is below; I am very happy with how they turned out.


I also finally framed these prints we got in a market in Buenos Aires a year and a half ago. We bought the frames right after we got home, but it took me this long to go get that acid free black paper to put behind them and then cut the prints accordingly. Yeah, they're weird, but we like them.

Now the decision of where to put all these...


Carla said...

very cute!

Sarah said...

Are you sure those are the same frames? Good job! Love the red!