Monday, December 20, 2010

Japanese jumper

Probably the last of these posts for quite some time since all the other vintage clothes are much larger. A few silly anecdotes about this one: it was given to me by my godparents Guy and Becki when they were stationed in Japan. It was kind of hard to know what size it was since it was in japanese. Also, despite innovations in many other fields, the japanese didn't seem to think this jumper through. Diaper changes-- not so easy when you have to take the ENTIRE outfit off each time and when you do, you have to untie the knots you make up at the top. Bad design. Form not following function in this particular case. Those applique beings make up in cuteness what the jumper lacks functionally.
update: Well well, look what I found.. a crybaby. Not sure how this is physically possible to be wearing this at 14 months. Also it appears to have lost its buttons after all this time.


Becca said...

I think HARRIET makes up in cuteness whatever might possibly lacking outfit-wise. Seriously, you must love waking up to this face. I can't get over her!

laehmc said...

cute...out fit also!!!!