Sunday, November 21, 2010

Saying goodbye to an old friend

Ha, not my dad (in the above photo), Brett Favre. My parents were up for a visit this weekend (lots of baby time!) and since the Packers were in town to play the Vikings, my dad and I decided to go. I hadn't been to a Viking game at the dome before.

Although there were plenty of cheeseheads, the sold out stadium looked like a sea or purple (at least in the beginning) from our awesome seats. Figured we'd see a tough game because the teams are in the same division, it's a border battle and of course Brett Favre (have you heard of him?). Not so much. In fact after the Vikings field goal in the first quarter it was a romp. Packers looked great. Vikings looked terrible.The Vikings fans wouldn't argue with that assessment.

Can you see all the blue seats in second half? Empty seats + chanting to fire the head coach + Packer domination = good time.

Charles Woodson put it best after the game, "The best thing about a game like today," the Packers' cornerback said, "is at the end of the game watching their fans leave. If you come in and do that, you've done your job. ... That's what happens when you come in and dominate. That felt good." Couldn't agree more. The place emptied pretty quick. My dad and I had a fun time seeing a 31-3 Green Bay victory!

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