Sunday, October 10, 2010

Uff da

Today we went to the arboretum to see the Uff da Palace. It was a perfect day to drive out there and enjoy the warm fall weather, see the fall colors and relax after my first week back to work. The beginning of the week was the hardest, but Harriet seems to be very content at daycare and I am slowly remembering how to do my job.

The twig palace was pretty impressive and I would highly recommend going out and seeing it. The palace was made by artist Patrick Dougherty who does different twig sculptures all over the world. It is comprised of willow, maple and elm branches. It will remain at the arboretum until it decomposes.


Gourds galore

Moss art

Four colors


laehmc said...

i just love this..thanks for the great photo's...not as good as being there..but great any way!

Sarah said...

I think we might need to get to the Cities in the next few weekends to see you and visit this very cool exhibit!!