Monday, October 11, 2010

Recycling 1 through 7

We aren't at the point where we would be on the show Hoarders, but we seem to keep a lot of materials in the hopes of recycling it or reusing it. When Molly lived with us last year she would always bring home leftover take out from her sales rep meetings so we felt guilty about throwing all those plastic containers away. Fast forward a year and a half later.... we still had it in the garage. Then we started saving all our fruit containers from Costco because we knew we had the other plastic to recycle.

Here's the thing-- as you can imagine, recycling plastic (that you can't put in the bin every other week) is really annoying and time consuming. Saturday we spent 1.5 hours washing and sorting it all and then drove to Eastside Co-op in northeast to drop it off, only to be 5 mins late of the time window. Annoying. Our car was packed to the brim with plastic and we were not going to come back with it all. After a bit of detective work I tracked down the recycling guy and he unlocked the shed and we threw it in. Here is the info about plastic recycling if anyone is interested, but after this not-so-cheery post about it I would imagine that no one is interested. I would like to say that we will never do this again... but I'm sure we will and hopefully sooner another 1.5 years won't pass. Hoarding is a sickness after all. wink.

This picture might have been a bit more interesting had we actually gotten there on time when all the bins were out and people were doing their sorting.

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