Monday, October 04, 2010

Neighborly wedding

This weekend we attended the wedding of Rob and Megan, our friends and neighbors to the north. When the old upstairs tenants moved out last year Steve and I both hoped that a young, fun couple would move in. We got our wish. We have loved getting to know them and felt honored to be invited to their wedding. We didn't know many people at the beginning at the night, but by the end we enjoyed the company of a lot of wonderful people. Kind of funny I was chatting with Megan's cousin and she mentioned that I looked familiar. She figured out that she sold us our stroller at REI earlier this summer. How she remembers us I have no idea.

Harriet attended the wedding with us (as you can see) and was the perfect guest. Also Megan was wearing her mom and grandmother's wedding dress. Pretty cute. The wedding and reception were at the Theodore Wirth Chalet, which is very fitting for them since they are avid skiers.