Thursday, October 28, 2010

Garden wrap up

Despite not having as much free time as we are used to in other years, we had a pretty good year in the garden. Tons of tomatoes, basil, peppers and carrots. A couple of fails: radishes and brussel spouts. I think the problem with the radishes was that we got too impatient and picked them too soon. The brussel sprouts are still just tiny teeny, but pretty cute.

Last year we had to ration our pesto. This year we probably won't have the same problem. I made dozens and dozens of 'cupcakes' of frozen pesto. Each cupcake usually makes 2-3 servings. We just heat it up in the microwave. It's a nice taste of summer in the winter. Big problem this year was pine nuts. Not sure if you heard, but there is a shortage. I was able to get a hold of a few bags, but eventually just substituted walnuts and they basically taste the same.

A month ago we had a harvest part with the friends with whom I traded seedlings with in the spring. We picked all our carrots that night and ate them together (as well at some pesto). It was a lot of fun and instant gratification. I did a multi-colored variety this year and really liked them. Perhaps next year I would thin them a bit better.

Hops crop was ok. Not a ton, but we didn't really have high hopes given that it was our first year. Next year should be more plentiful apparently. We gave our hops to our friend Rob and hopefully will be able to take part in the beer making process or at least drink some.

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