Friday, October 29, 2010


Yesterday we went over to Becky and Raymond's house for our annual pumpkin carving. We have been doing this for probably 15 years and this year is a little sad because it will probably be Jonny's last (unless he goes to college somewhere close). Harriet will have to carry on the tradition now, although she didn't participate a ton as you can see above. exhausted.

Raymond is super funny and has been getting Harriet clothes on his travels. He got her this cute outfit in San Francisco's Chinatown. Becky found this rice picking hat to match her little china doll.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Garden wrap up

Despite not having as much free time as we are used to in other years, we had a pretty good year in the garden. Tons of tomatoes, basil, peppers and carrots. A couple of fails: radishes and brussel spouts. I think the problem with the radishes was that we got too impatient and picked them too soon. The brussel sprouts are still just tiny teeny, but pretty cute.

Last year we had to ration our pesto. This year we probably won't have the same problem. I made dozens and dozens of 'cupcakes' of frozen pesto. Each cupcake usually makes 2-3 servings. We just heat it up in the microwave. It's a nice taste of summer in the winter. Big problem this year was pine nuts. Not sure if you heard, but there is a shortage. I was able to get a hold of a few bags, but eventually just substituted walnuts and they basically taste the same.

A month ago we had a harvest part with the friends with whom I traded seedlings with in the spring. We picked all our carrots that night and ate them together (as well at some pesto). It was a lot of fun and instant gratification. I did a multi-colored variety this year and really liked them. Perhaps next year I would thin them a bit better.

Hops crop was ok. Not a ton, but we didn't really have high hopes given that it was our first year. Next year should be more plentiful apparently. We gave our hops to our friend Rob and hopefully will be able to take part in the beer making process or at least drink some.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Month 3 visitors

I kind of think that these are the last of the visitors for a while now that I am back at work. I'm sure more will trickle in though.

Amy & Brigid, Mary, Jan & Becky & Theo & Jonah & Matthew, Dana, Donna, Anna & Tara, Erin, Stacey & Dean

Amy & Xander, Carol & Jean, Dorf

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Little Phelan, Becca, Charis, Harriet and Jay
Lostview visit

This past weekend we visited our friends at their farm in Wisconsin. We had a lovely time catching up and enjoying a hearty fall lunch with food from their garden. It has been 2 years since our last visit and it was fun to see the changes they have made and the new animals they have acquired. They have a new horse, many more chickens and also some bees. Hopefully we will be out to visit again sooner than 2 years. I'm sure Harriet will love going there when she gets a little older and can run around. It is like a little kid's paradise.

Ellis and Owain in their leaf house. The big, bad wolf (Chris) is hidden.

Ah farm life... the boys look on as Jay digs in the dirt. Charis... not quite as interested.

The coop.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Recycling 1 through 7

We aren't at the point where we would be on the show Hoarders, but we seem to keep a lot of materials in the hopes of recycling it or reusing it. When Molly lived with us last year she would always bring home leftover take out from her sales rep meetings so we felt guilty about throwing all those plastic containers away. Fast forward a year and a half later.... we still had it in the garage. Then we started saving all our fruit containers from Costco because we knew we had the other plastic to recycle.

Here's the thing-- as you can imagine, recycling plastic (that you can't put in the bin every other week) is really annoying and time consuming. Saturday we spent 1.5 hours washing and sorting it all and then drove to Eastside Co-op in northeast to drop it off, only to be 5 mins late of the time window. Annoying. Our car was packed to the brim with plastic and we were not going to come back with it all. After a bit of detective work I tracked down the recycling guy and he unlocked the shed and we threw it in. Here is the info about plastic recycling if anyone is interested, but after this not-so-cheery post about it I would imagine that no one is interested. I would like to say that we will never do this again... but I'm sure we will and hopefully sooner another 1.5 years won't pass. Hoarding is a sickness after all. wink.

This picture might have been a bit more interesting had we actually gotten there on time when all the bins were out and people were doing their sorting.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Uff da

Today we went to the arboretum to see the Uff da Palace. It was a perfect day to drive out there and enjoy the warm fall weather, see the fall colors and relax after my first week back to work. The beginning of the week was the hardest, but Harriet seems to be very content at daycare and I am slowly remembering how to do my job.

The twig palace was pretty impressive and I would highly recommend going out and seeing it. The palace was made by artist Patrick Dougherty who does different twig sculptures all over the world. It is comprised of willow, maple and elm branches. It will remain at the arboretum until it decomposes.


Gourds galore

Moss art

Four colors

I think we have the next, umm, Mariah Carey on our hands. She's really hitting those high notes... and then some choking at the end.

Monday, October 04, 2010

Neighborly wedding

This weekend we attended the wedding of Rob and Megan, our friends and neighbors to the north. When the old upstairs tenants moved out last year Steve and I both hoped that a young, fun couple would move in. We got our wish. We have loved getting to know them and felt honored to be invited to their wedding. We didn't know many people at the beginning at the night, but by the end we enjoyed the company of a lot of wonderful people. Kind of funny I was chatting with Megan's cousin and she mentioned that I looked familiar. She figured out that she sold us our stroller at REI earlier this summer. How she remembers us I have no idea.

Harriet attended the wedding with us (as you can see) and was the perfect guest. Also Megan was wearing her mom and grandmother's wedding dress. Pretty cute. The wedding and reception were at the Theodore Wirth Chalet, which is very fitting for them since they are avid skiers.

Friday, October 01, 2010

Fall fun Friday

Today we went to Stillwater to with Erin, Lauren and Erin's mom Denise. This was my last week of maternity leave from work and Steve's last Friday off so we thought we would do something fun. We went to Aamodt's apple orchard, but unfortunately there weren't any more apples to pick. Instead our little skeletor enjoyed some other activities:

kneecapped by a pumpkin.

Who needs a dryer anyway?

Not us. At least not until it gets cold. We really wanted a clothes line that could hide out of the way when not in use. No sense having an eye sore in the backyard we've painstakingly tried to make awesome. After some research we went with the Sunline Retractable Reel Clothes Dryer R400. Basically we just need it for all the cloth diapers. Most interesting blog post ever??

Link of the Month

There is reason people say "it's easy as riding a bike" and not "it's as easy as fixing a bike." When I need some pointers on my bike I usually turn to