Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Solicitation alert! I will be participating in the Midtown Challenge on Saturday 9/25. It is a 44 mile bike-a-thon to support the mission and goals of the Midtown Greenway Coalition. I commute to work pretty much every day through the year. Every afternoon I take the Greenway home. The Midtown Greenway Coalition is a nonprofit that protect the Greenway (among other things). Like many of you, I love that we live in an area with a designated trail for biking, running and walking and felt I should do this. Please pledge via the link below and support this unique and wonderful asset of our neighborhood. Pledges are tax deductable and every amount is appreciated.


Thank you!


Eddlestar said...

ha - Steve, my wife's uncle runs the greenway and I think her cousin is doing it as well (for the chance at the chateau in France). See you guys at my sister's (Louise) wedding.

Stephen said...

Barles! I am definitely not gunning for the grand prize. I figured worst case I pay the $250 myself to go towards a trail I'm on basically 5 days a week.

Looking forward to the wedding for sure!