Thursday, September 09, 2010

Operation: Lights

We are starting to be able to work on more projects now, so we thought we would tackle a few new lights. The people we bought the house from put in the same style of lights everywhere, a home depot special of sorts. The lights aren't our style so we will slowly be replacing them.

The yellow one, that seems to resemble a pineapple, was our a purchase at the Detriot Lakes flea market. A steal for $15. We went over to Moen Electric and got all the components to make a pendant light. I really like how retro modern it looks.


This one I just spray painted white (despite my neighbor telling me it was worth $350 because the brass looked so nice). Steve rewired it because one of the lights didn't work and then we added the crystals. It kind of mirrors the other chandelier-type light we remade before.


laehmc said...

i love the look and thrilled how fast you got them up and working!

Gin said...

i recognize that 2nd one...ann and bob would be so proud ;)