Wednesday, September 01, 2010


This post has been a long time in the making. I took a metalsmithing/jewelry class at the Minnetonka center for the arts back in the spring. I had taken the class before, a few years ago, and had saved up enough ideas that I wanted to take it again. I was quite obsessed with the concave circles as you can see. they were quite easy to make and I love the way they look! The reason why this took me so long to post is that I did all the finishing of them at home (so, any beading). Well I had to take a bit of hiatus from completing them.

This is my favorite one that I made this time. It can be worn two ways. I saw one similar to it at the Uptown art fair for over $250. awesome.

The one of the left I totally stole the idea from this place.

Some earrings I made with the leftover metal that I pounded, drilled and used patina on. I have given most of them away as presents.

When we were up at Fair Hills we went to the Detroit Lakes flea market. I got the pin on the right and converted it into a necklace. It's a bit bold and large, but I love it! I made the one on the left at the same time and thought the red necklace would be lonely in this picture without it.


Rachelle said...

Are they for sale? I call dibs on all of them.

Oona said...

You should definitely make me a present :)