Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Helping the Greenway

The Greenway Challenge Saturday went well. I got an early start and finished the 44 mile ride a tad earlier than I thought I would. Christina took Harriet for a walk on the Greenway so we took a quick photo. Thank you so much to all of you that donated. I raised $365. The challenged raised a total of $25,073 for the Greenway Coaltion.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Baby's first trip to Milwaukee

Last Friday we crossed into WI around noon on our way to Milwaukee. After a long ride we stopped in Wauwatosa to see Christina's college roommate Meagan and her husband Rodney. We toured their super cute house while they looked at our super cute baby.

Meagan and Rodney had a few presents for Harriet including a stuffed alien.

We reached my folks' place after 10PM and thus we had begun one of the busiest weekends we've had since Harriet was born. Saturday we attended the wedding of my college roommate Aaron. Harriet slept the entire ceremony then we jumped in the car and quickly traveled to my family's congregation where our rabbi had agreed to fit in a Simchat Bat/Brit Bat. This is basically a Jewish baby naming for a girl. It was very generous of our rabbi to do this because it just happened to be Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the year. Our friend Emily was with us so she took photos. My parents and little brother Adam were in attendance as well. Harriet's hebrew name is Chava, which means life! It was wonderful to start celebrating Jewish traditions with my daughter and family!

My parents and brother took Harriet for the evening and we continued on to the wedding reception in downtown Milwaukee. We were happy to celebrate with Liz and Aaron and see a bunch of my old college friend.

Sunday we watched a bit of the Packers vs Bills game while helping my mom prepare for an open house. For a few hours in the afternoon about 60+ people came over to say hello, meet Harriet, and, for some, meet Christina. It was great to see so may of my parents' close friends and family. Below are pictures of my friends who came to the party.

Amanda, Eddie & Michelle, Chrissy

The Conteh-Morgan Family

Monday, September 13, 2010

Mustache Madness

Our friends Louise and John were married this weekend in the Walker sculpture park. It was an absolutely beautiful wedding, I would even go as far to say - magical. Weeze made party favors that had mustaches and paper crowns in them and it was funny to look around the room and see everyone with them on. Lots of silliness going on at this wedding, so great!

Weeze's dad gave his speech with the stick-on mustache.

Steve realized that he had photography class in college with the photographer and immediately started art directing my pictures. I'd say this one turned out pretty well.


Sunday, September 12, 2010

Month 2 visitors

Well the number of visitors has lessened, but they are still coming...
Sally & kids, Kristin & Mike, Emily & Randy, Kate & Chris, Meg & Mark, Becky, Ginny & Natalie, Kris & Parker & Payton.

Matt, Conor, Mitch, Jonny, Jennifer & Anneke, Louise, Dan & Cindy, Jodi & Kailey & Jacob

Fidelis, Jeff & John

Thursday, September 09, 2010

Operation: Lights

We are starting to be able to work on more projects now, so we thought we would tackle a few new lights. The people we bought the house from put in the same style of lights everywhere, a home depot special of sorts. The lights aren't our style so we will slowly be replacing them.

The yellow one, that seems to resemble a pineapple, was our a purchase at the Detriot Lakes flea market. A steal for $15. We went over to Moen Electric and got all the components to make a pendant light. I really like how retro modern it looks.


This one I just spray painted white (despite my neighbor telling me it was worth $350 because the brass looked so nice). Steve rewired it because one of the lights didn't work and then we added the crystals. It kind of mirrors the other chandelier-type light we remade before.

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Solicitation alert! I will be participating in the Midtown Challenge on Saturday 9/25. It is a 44 mile bike-a-thon to support the mission and goals of the Midtown Greenway Coalition. I commute to work pretty much every day through the year. Every afternoon I take the Greenway home. The Midtown Greenway Coalition is a nonprofit that protect the Greenway (among other things). Like many of you, I love that we live in an area with a designated trail for biking, running and walking and felt I should do this. Please pledge via the link below and support this unique and wonderful asset of our neighborhood. Pledges are tax deductable and every amount is appreciated.

Thank you!

Thursday, September 02, 2010


I'm happy I read this article. I think it may keep me from losing my own job. Nancy Lo's blog has tons of good info on recycling. Check it out!

Wednesday, September 01, 2010


This post has been a long time in the making. I took a metalsmithing/jewelry class at the Minnetonka center for the arts back in the spring. I had taken the class before, a few years ago, and had saved up enough ideas that I wanted to take it again. I was quite obsessed with the concave circles as you can see. they were quite easy to make and I love the way they look! The reason why this took me so long to post is that I did all the finishing of them at home (so, any beading). Well I had to take a bit of hiatus from completing them.

This is my favorite one that I made this time. It can be worn two ways. I saw one similar to it at the Uptown art fair for over $250. awesome.

The one of the left I totally stole the idea from this place.

Some earrings I made with the leftover metal that I pounded, drilled and used patina on. I have given most of them away as presents.

When we were up at Fair Hills we went to the Detroit Lakes flea market. I got the pin on the right and converted it into a necklace. It's a bit bold and large, but I love it! I made the one on the left at the same time and thought the red necklace would be lonely in this picture without it.