Friday, August 13, 2010

First month visitors

We decided to continue what we did at the hospital, and take a photo of all of our friends and family that came over to visit. A few others have met Harriet out and about and we forgot to snap photos of our friends Oona and Ceallaigh when they stopped over. As always, you can click on the photos to enlarge them.

Zaide Tom, Bubbe Laeh, Raymond, Ian, Megan, Rob, Elissa, Eric

Sylva, Karina, Franklin, Chris & Stephanie, Mary Cay, Dave & Mike, Jesse, Libby

Kristen & Cameron, Ginny & Dwight, Aaron & Erin, Bob & Ann, Uncle Adam, Randy, Sean, Jeremiah

John, Maria & Jeff, Keith & Linda & Katie & Ben, Emily & Peter, Barbara, Jen & Rob & Casey, Susan & Eric, Leah

Jack & Carla, Anton, Gloria, Becky, Alison & Meg, Kelsey & Aaron, Kelly & Menolly & Brennan & Bryce


Sarah said...

So you've had some company?

Becca said...

I absolutely adore this photo record. It is exactly what Chris and I began to do...then swiftly forgot to finish. What fun to see all those faces with Harriet!