Monday, July 12, 2010

New chapter: Harriet Minnette was born 7/12/2010 at 7:40AM. 7lbs 15 ounces. 21 inches.

Christina meets her little girl for the first time!

Our friend Erin had impeccable timing. She arrived for her nursing shift right before Harriet presented herself. The entire hospital staff was awesome for the 12+ hour labor.

Foot stamp time. It's official.

Baby's first bath; not a huge fan.

Once mother and daughter felt up to it we had some visitors. From left to right: Grandma Kay, Erin, Kristen, Ginny, Grandpa Mike, Jonny, and Becky.

Thank you for all the well wishes! Harriet is only 14 hours old, but she knows how much everyone loves her.


laehmc said...

lovely photo's...lovely granddaughter!! of course!mom a baby look great! dad..we are proud of you and christina!

Gin said...

love it!!! I can't get enough of her, so is so precious! glad i got to see you guys yesterday, can't wait for another visit:) Love you all so much!

Becca said...

She's just SO beautiful! Love the photos - Christina, the one of you kissing your wee daughter is so wonderful.

Laura said...

Congratulations!!! She is adorable! Sooooo much black hair...I LOVE it! I hope you all enjoy this new chapter of your life!