Monday, March 22, 2010

Baby's room sneak peak

We spend much of yesterday putting up these frames in the baby's room. It took quite a while, but thanks to a laser level it took less time than it otherwise would have. As we were putting them up, we realized that despite the 2 nails in the wall holding each up, they could still come off the wall with a bit of pounding. So after much brainstorming we have decided to secure them to the wall by caulking them on the top and the bottom.

We got the artwork online and then the 48 frames at ikea. We are quite happy with how they turned out. Now we just need a rug, a chair and some curtains and we are set! Then time to move on to a different project.

96 level nails.


Jennifer said...

Oh my goodness, I absolutely love it. Baby is going to have so much fun saying the names of all those animals, a little over a year from now. Good work!

Anonymous said...

hope that when standing up, the baby can't reach the lower row...stephen would have climbed the bed railings just to yank then into his bed!! :-0 sweet memories...looking to make new memories!

elissa said...

I think babee baby's first words may be "laser level" or "personification".

Becca said...

You've got such creative genius! And patience! Fabulous style for the babe's abode. But what about the crib? There's got to be a story behind that, right?!