Thursday, February 25, 2010

L.A. break

Christina and I recently spent a four day weekend in sunny LA. We stayed at our family friends Jimmy and Loey's house in the Van Nuys. Mike came with and had a hotel room nearby at a place called the Sportsman's Lodge. We had the chance to visit Minnette, our wedding flower girl (and Loey's sister) a bunch of times. Lots of driving around the city as usual.

We visited the Watts Towers in the lovely (sarcasm alert) Watts neighborhood. I could explain the metal structures, but it would be easier for you to read about them on your own here. Of course you could also just go there and take the tour from the girl we did. She loved the towers and her glasses (see below).

So much tile and glass mosaic. It was amazing to see how much is still intact from over 50 years ago.
Although Christina didn't get the chance to photograph much graffiti on this trip. She did make sure we stopped the car to snap this colorful stairway.

Christina and I headed out alone one night to grab a bite at the famous deli on Fairfax, Canter's. Later we head over to the El Rey Theater to see the band Fanfarlo. Tasty food and good show.

We had a nice brunch at Firefly in Pasadena. Minnette's granddaughter Monique and her husband run the place. Monique's daughters are in the front row.

Mike surprised Minnette with a visit to his friend Maggie's studio. Mike met Maggie at the Sherlock Holmes conference this year in NY and thought that Minnette would love to meet her. Minnette runs an antique shop and loves jewelry. Maggie makes jewelry and props for Hollywood. The resume of work she showed us was impressive. She basically made any jewelry you've seen in any Star Trek television show or movie for the last 30 years. She said she can't advertise her studio or Trekkies would be a major bother. She made the championship belt for Rocky and a bunch of Michael Jackson's concert accessories.

Her specialty is badges. Recently she made dozens of police badges for Shutter Island.

The studio was jam packed of all sorts of shininess.

Minnette and Christina especially enjoyed the visit. We took a break for lunch at a nearby Scottish restaurant called the Tam O'Shanter.

Before our flight home I had chance to pick some oranges in Jimmy and Loey's backyard. They were so good! Unfortunately we had to make a last minute stop to the hospital. Minnette was taken in for some breathing problems that came up. As of today she is doing better. We hope to see her again the next time we visit L.A.

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Sarah said...

Sounds like a fun trip! Christina you still look pretty little. How's the babe doin'? What are your decorative plans for the nursery? I can imagine that you're having a ton of fun with that.