Saturday, January 30, 2010

Longing for summer....

It's around this time of year when I wish garden season was here already. So to help pull myself through I decided to bring a small piece of the garden indoors. I've been wanting to make a few terrariums for a while. We had a bunch of jars left over from our wedding and they worked perfectly.

It's pretty easy... supplies needed: jars, some pebbles for the bottom (for drainage), charcoal (to cleanse and help with decaying matter), cactus soil and a bunch of humidity loving shade houseplants. I put down about an inch of the rocks (maybe overkill, 1/2 in. would probably work) 1/4 in. charcoal on top of that and then about 3-4 inches of soil. Jars require very little maintenance. Keep them out of direct sunlight, water with 1/2 cup water every month (more or less depending on size of jar). I overestimated the number of plants that would fit in the jars so i had to bring in few extra ones that don't have tops.


Becca said...

So beautiful, those sweet little herb gardens. Don't you just open them up and stick your face in there for a breath of fresh air every day? Mmmm.

I couldn't help but notice your library card catalogs in the background. What do you use them for? We have one too, but I have yet to think of a really useful way to keep them around (aside from nuts, bolts & nails in the garage).

laehmc said...

i am going to do this when i can gather the right kind of jars...just so very beautiful!! does bring summer feeling!