Sunday, January 31, 2010

Beer pong birthday

For Stephen's bday we had a party and he organized a beer pong tournament. I have never really played, but my understanding is that it involves beer, ping pong balls, a rack of cups in a triangle shape, precision, blowing swirling ping pong balls and drinking. and there you have it. About 14 teams participated in this lengthy double elimination tournament in our basement.

Rookie beer pong players and now reigning champs erik and elissa

A party wouldn't be complete without showing off this morph likeness of steve's brother adam.

We made a bunch of ice lanterns out of 5 gallon drywall buckets for the party.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Longing for summer....

It's around this time of year when I wish garden season was here already. So to help pull myself through I decided to bring a small piece of the garden indoors. I've been wanting to make a few terrariums for a while. We had a bunch of jars left over from our wedding and they worked perfectly.

It's pretty easy... supplies needed: jars, some pebbles for the bottom (for drainage), charcoal (to cleanse and help with decaying matter), cactus soil and a bunch of humidity loving shade houseplants. I put down about an inch of the rocks (maybe overkill, 1/2 in. would probably work) 1/4 in. charcoal on top of that and then about 3-4 inches of soil. Jars require very little maintenance. Keep them out of direct sunlight, water with 1/2 cup water every month (more or less depending on size of jar). I overestimated the number of plants that would fit in the jars so i had to bring in few extra ones that don't have tops.

Thursday, January 07, 2010

oh by the way...

We are having a baby!! Answers to commonly asked questions:
yes, we are sure.
yes, we are very excited.
due date is July 9th.
yes, we are hoping for a patriotic baby.
we won't find out the gender (until the baby is born).
I am feeling fine.
I will take 3 months off for maternity leave.
No, we will not name it Henry McHenry, but yes that would be amusing.