Sunday, September 20, 2009

Christ, we took a lot of photos

We got back Saturday afternoon from a two week trip to South America. We visited Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Chile. We have a bunch of photos, 1,066 to be exact, so we're going to try and post about each location separately. We arrived in Rio de Janerio after an eight hour red eye out of Miami. Once we reached the hotel we called the hang gliding outfit we had pre-arranged. Unfortunately the wind conditions weren't right that day (or any day during our stay). The weather was actually very nice the whole time. They are just starting spring in South America. We walked the Copacabana Beach most of the day until the flight caught up with us. The next day we took a city tour. Above is a photo of us on Corcovado Mountain in front of Christ the Redeemer.

The tile was all over, but the designs were breathtaking when you realized their scale after walking down the beach for hours.

The is the view from the roof top pool at our hotel, the Astoria Palace. It was three doors down from the famous Copacabana Palace.

Copacabana Beach was very crowded from sunrise to sunset. Lots of beach soccer, volleyball, and footvolley (basically a combo of the two sports).

The statue was actually under some renovation, thus the scaffolding. On the trip up to the statue we had to change buses a few times as we zig zagged through a few favelas and a national park. The change was required because the government controls the area near the statue. The reason seemed to be as much to make money as it was for safety. We realized during this first guided tour a trend that lasted the entire trip– not letting us off the bus. At least in this case it seemed legitimate.

After the city tour and visit up Corcovado we were picked up to attend an evening soccer game at MaracanĂ£ Stadium. We saw the Flumenese football club take on NĂ¡utico. Flu (as the local Rio fans called it) was down lately, but people still take things pretty seriously. The other team was from the North, but still had a section of fans-- protected by security-- I should add. We went with a guide and 15 others. We sat at midfield with a guy from Aruba named Ronnie and his friend from Venezuela who spoke no english. Lots of crazy fans as you can see above and below.

I just happened to start taping the above video right when Flu scored their one and only goal in the 1-1 tie. Flu fans were crying at the end of the game because they didn't win. MaracanĂ£ is amazing and will be the site of the World Cup final in 2014.

The next day we did a lot of walking in the morning, then took another tour in the afternoon. Above is the outside of the St. Sebastian Cathedral.

In the late afternoon we took a trip to the Sugarloaf Mountain. It overlooks most of the city. We took a series of gondolas from one mountain to the next. It was great.

The sunset was beautiful and the photos almost do it justice.

On our fourth day we packed up for an early flight to Iguazu, Brazil. Here is a photo from the window of our hotel room before we left. Below is a pretty great shot we took from the plane after we took off.


Gin said...

Photos are AMAZING!!! That tile and sunset and both so cool. I can't wait to see and hear more about it! Soccer game video=awesome. i'm so jealous

Emily said...

great photos!

laehmc said...

wow and thank you for these vacation/travel posts!