Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buenos Aires: our favorite South American city

We loved this city. So much history, architecture, museums, markets, different neighborhoods... the list could go on and on. It was very European and modern in most areas. Above is the famous Floralis Genérica at United Nations Park. The giant metallic petals open when it is sunny and close when its not. In this area we visited a bunch of museums and walked by several embassies.

In the neighborhood of La Boca there is a street called Caminito where everything is painted bright colors. Christina was in heaven.

We wandered around and took photos.

Colorful houses and soccer enthusiasm.

La Boca is home to the soccer club Boca Juniors. The best player in the country and current national team coach is Diego Maradona. His picture was everywhere in Argentina, but in La Boca is was insane because he played his entire career for the Boca Juniors. I opted for the above photo over the lookalike that wanted money (but I kind of regret that now).

During our walk we stopped in this little bakery for a snack. So many choices! Although an obvious tourist trap these days it was a wonderful place to walk around in.

At night we took in a dinner show at La Ventana in the San Telmo neighborhood where all the Tango houses are located. Argentina loves tango. Christina got up for a few tango instructions before dinner and the show (I declined).

Here is a little video during the show. The highlight for me was the guy who swung balls attached to strings against the stage while dancing. In hindsight this should have been the time to record a video (YouTube to the rescue!). It was so unusual. So much dancing. They easily could have cut out almost an hour. The show was fun to see and our seats were next to the stage.
On a lovely Saturday we met up with co-worker of a friend who lived in the city. James is from London, but spoke Spanish and offered to show us around, which was wonderful. He took us to San Telmo, which is an area was very old and has lots of antique shops. The above photo is from one of the antique markets. The main square called Plaza Dorrego has a giant antique market on Sundays, but today had a great craft market. Later James and I had one of the best chorizo sausage sandwiches I've ever had at some small hole in the wall place he had visited in the past.

Later we took a taxi to Palermo. This is a young, trendy, hip neighborhood. Lots of boutique stores and restaurants.
After parting ways with James we took a taxi to Recoleta (near the flower sculpture) to see La Recoleta Cemetery. Its pretty famous and there were many very expensive mausoleums. The Eva Perón grave was by far the most crowded. After we walked through yet another crafts market. I was pretty excited to find a guy selling little figures carved out of the end of wooden matches. I purchased one that looked like Maradona kicking a soccer ball.


Robin said...

Amazing photos! Since I have never been to Brazil, Chile, or Argentina, I found these particularly fascinating. Those falls are incredible!! I always hear such positive things about Buenas Aires. That is perhaps the one South American city I would like to visit. We missed you at my mom's 90th party, but obviously you had a marvelous trip!!

Laura said...

It looks like you kiddos had a great time!!! Great pics! I hope you didn't catch anything from that public telephone.