Sunday, August 09, 2009

Trip recap part 1

Here is a picture diary of my trip to Alaska, Vancouver and Seattle. I'll start at the end of the trip... The cruise ended in Vancouver so ginny and I and part of her sister's family stayed for a day to check it out. We loved it and wished we had more time there. It really seems like a city I could live in, it's very progressive and eco-friendly.

Ginny, Jake and Paul in Stanely Park in Vancouver at lumberman's arch.

Granville market on Saturday morning in Vancouver.

The Music Project in Seattle designed by, guess who, Frank Gehry.

Purple carrots anyone?


Emily said...

Did you guys go into the EMP (The Music Project) in Seattle?

christina said...

negative-- no time and also very little interest. all the kids went though and made a music video or something.