Monday, August 17, 2009

Radiance of the Seas

Or if I were an employee on the boat I would say, the raaaaaaaaaaadiance of the seas. I went on a family vacation with my friend ginny's family. I have known all of them from a long time so it isn't really as weird as it might sound (in fact not weird at all). Seventeen of us went and picked up the cruise in seward and made our way south. Lots of hanging out with ginny's pre-teen/teen nieces and nephews, which always added a lot of silliness.

View from the deck.

ginny, jake, me and eric enjoying the Mendenhall glacier


Sitka spruce bark? maybe not... i don't know.

A bunch of us went ziplining in Juneau in the temperate rainforest. We had a lot of fun, above is Nonnie enjoying her ride.

More glaciers, this time in Juneau at the Tongass national park.

Next stop was Skagway, the site of the 1898 gold rush. This is a visitor center with a driftwood facade.
Alaskan ingenuity at it's finest.

Eric, Hil and I take a break from mountain biking. It was a tad nerve racking at first because we couldn't see more than 5 feet in front of us due to the fog. Also cars were speeding by us on the road.

This was in Ketchican (the last port) we took a city bus to the Saxman Totem Village So many totem poles on this trip. Probably saw more totem poles than i will ever see again in my life. This one was to teach kids a lesson not to go into the water. eek! lesson learned!

We got to check out the totem artist's studio. He wasn't there at the time, but we chatted with a native guy who said the the tools used for carving the totems are made from old car parts and pretty much anything 'the white man throws away'. pretty awesome and resourceful, but then we knew that. Typically it takes up to 2 years to make one. we learned that totem poles can never have inanimate objects on them and either tell a story or pay tribute to someone. the taller the tribute ones, the more respect people had for that person.


Gin said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!! love it!! i want to go back now!!! and i love that pic of us:) Thanks T!

Jodi said...

Joe says Juneau is "magical" is that the way you felt about it? We have some friends that just bought a house in Ketchikan, maybe someday we will get the chance to visit. Love seeing your pictures so soon after getting back from our own trip.