Thursday, June 25, 2009

Rain, rain and more rain in New York

Ginny, erin and I went to ny for a long weekend to see our friend Heidi who is staying in brooklyn for the summer doing an internship. The weather was just dreadful (except for the day we left, of course), but what are you going to do. I spent most of the time exploring the city alone doing all the things i have always wanted to do, but have never had the time to do while in new york. I went to museums, the ny public library, ellis island, central park, a concert and just walked around the city (in the rain it is a bit less less fun, but still mildy enjoyable). Oh we did go to In the Heights, a musical. I didn't get to go to coney island due to the weather, but perhaps can do it next time.

Murals around Heidi's neighborhood in Williamsburg Brooklyn aka Hipsterville.

A pig or bear? you decide.

I happened to be walking by radio city music hall, saw Andrew Bird was playing there and got a ticket an hour before the show. Calexico opened, which was a nice surprise. It was an awesome concert!

My friend Louise, who lives in Manhattan, took me to the Highline, which is an old elevated rail that has now been converted into a garden/walkway. It just opened a few weeks ago. I thought it was really great and would highly recommend it. Below is a video done by the sundance channel that gives you a bit of a overview on it.

I look like the wind is blowing me over.

Didn't stop at liberty island. Seemed like a waste of time since I couldn't go inside the statue.

I took a guided tour of the ellis island which I found to be very worthwhile and informative. The tour guide took you around the building and kind of had you pretend like you were an immigrant and had just arrived in the US. My dad's grandparents came over (separately) to the US from Hungary and Austria through Ellis island so it was kind of interesting to imagine what it was like for them. I liked the building itself a lot.

I went to the Cooper Hewitt design museum, which had an exhibition on felt and also designing for sustainability. I thought both were just fabulous as well as the museum building itself. I'm even more excited about felt than I was before this exhibit; it's just so versatile. I am now obsessed.

In this little room an artist had made a yert out of felt/silk. It was breathtakingly beautiful. One of the coolest things i have seen in a long time. This is the ceiling. The picture above this one is the entranceway.

Weeze and I went to the Guggenheim and saw the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition. We had high hopes for it, but it was a bit of a let down. Would NOT recommend it; super boring. It was interesting to see the building though, it doesn't seem particularly functional as a place to exhibit art, in my opinion. The galleries were tiny compared to how big the actual building is.

Heidi and Erin outside heidi's living space for the summer.

Secret project robot.

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