Sunday, April 05, 2009

Snuggie pub crawl!

Friday night Molly (our friend & new roommate until august) and I did Minneapolis' first snuggie pub crawl down Washington to 7 corners. we were even featured on metro mix (or here if it is off the homepage already). I wore the snuggie given to me by Steve's mom and molly borrowed megan's after she left. we had a hilarious time. At the first bar (grumpys) we got there and no one had one on even though we were like an hour late. i asked and the snuggie crew had not been through yet... so i hid it away. Then about 20 mins later someone came in with one on and a bunch of people at the bar whipped theirs out and put them on.

Lots of hecklers about my fake snuggie. Many, many people told me that i had just cut off the bottom of my sleeping bag, but undeterred by the hecklers- we continued on the pub crawl. Virtually everyone had the blue ones (as you can see) because they just went and bought them at target on friday. We looked like a family of smurfs.

For those of you who are crafters, here is a link to a pattern where you can make your own snuggie.


Anonymous said...

Why wasnt Stevie in a snuggie?

christina said...

stevie was not interested in snuggie festivities. maybe it was just too much silliness for him.