Tuesday, April 21, 2009

New Neighbors

4/28/09 sad update: our neighbor bryce found one of these little guys in their well window yesterday... unresponsive, shall we say. This article makes the case that it was probably a good thing.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Edible babies

I made these bebes for a co-workers baby shower this week. I tried to make a few multiracial babies, but it didn't work out. it's hard to make brown out of blue, yellow, red and green food coloring. so white babies for all. Total time put in on these things.. 3+ hours. Bonnets are marshmallows, mouths are starbursts cut up. bottles are starbursts and marshmallows. bears are obviously teddy grahams.

Tuesday, April 07, 2009


It's been many months in the making, but we are basically finished with the wine cellar! The racks were delivered a few weeks ago and last night we completed constructing them and screwed them in to the wall. We were so excited that we stayed into the wee hours to help put all the wine in. We are really excited about it and my dad is euphoric. It has been a lot of hard work doing the planning, the demo, flooring, wiring (with help from raymond), painting, lighting, constructing, leveling, etc. Clearly it is all worth it now though. Just a guess, but i would say that maybe 100 man hours (although i could be low) were put in on this.

The entrance into the room. Humidity readers on the wall.

Putting in the inaugural bottle.

Here's a little before picture to jog your memory. In comparison, quite inferior.

i will post a few more pictures after next weekend of the wine bottle light (the wall it's on isn't painted yet).

Other posts about progress here and here.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Snuggie pub crawl!

Friday night Molly (our friend & new roommate until august) and I did Minneapolis' first snuggie pub crawl down Washington to 7 corners. we were even featured on metro mix (or here if it is off the homepage already). I wore the snuggie given to me by Steve's mom and molly borrowed megan's after she left. we had a hilarious time. At the first bar (grumpys) we got there and no one had one on even though we were like an hour late. i asked and the snuggie crew had not been through yet... so i hid it away. Then about 20 mins later someone came in with one on and a bunch of people at the bar whipped theirs out and put them on.

Lots of hecklers about my fake snuggie. Many, many people told me that i had just cut off the bottom of my sleeping bag, but undeterred by the hecklers- we continued on the pub crawl. Virtually everyone had the blue ones (as you can see) because they just went and bought them at target on friday. We looked like a family of smurfs.

For those of you who are crafters, here is a link to a pattern where you can make your own snuggie.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

TipHero is a site with all sorts of tips to save money and reuse items (thus saving money).