Monday, February 02, 2009


Two weeks ago we joined our friends Stacey and Dean at Vine Park Brewery in St. Paul. At Vine Park you mix a bunch of ingredients together, then come back two weeks later to bottle the fermented results.

They give you the recipe and supervise while you measure and mix. You can't drink alcohol you just buy from them on the premises, but through some legal loop hole you can drink your own beer while you bottle it.
Above is some fermenting wine.

And here is the beer fermenting.

Ta-da! On Saturday we bottled. Christina and Dean worked on the IPA we chose.

Stacey and Ken (long story short: Stacey and Dean are hosting a 17 year old Malaysian boy for a month or so) bottled the root beer we ordered. Since their root beer is a secret recipe we didn't make it, just bottled it.

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