Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yay Fahden/Zilmer wedding!

Our friends Jack and Carla were wed this past Saturday. The ceremony was lovely and quick. The reception was beautiful! You could really tell Carla has an art background, but holding it at the Weisman Art Museum didn't hurt either.
Here we are in front of hundreds of caged chickens AKA Douglas Argue's untitled chicken painting.

Ian and I figured we'd better get a photo taken in front of some art as well. Not much more to say except we danced later — a lot!

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I found a program called PanoramaWorkbench 1.0 through Apple downloads that helped me finally piece together a bunch of the photos from our honeymoon. The final result of each is a combo of anywhere from three to over twelve photographs. Some need a bit more work, but I'm pretty excited by the results so far. Click on them for the full effect. I can't wait to finish a few more and print some out to frame.

Hamilton Island, Australia (won't enlarge/the black spots are portions that no photo contained)

Queenstown, NZ

Queenstown, NZ

Wellington, NZ
Wellington, NZ

NZ drive in the mountains

Pancake Rocks, NZ

NZ Countryside

Fiordlands National Park, NZ

Arthur's Pass, NZ (NW side)

Arthur's Pass, NZ (SE side)

Monday, February 02, 2009


Two weeks ago we joined our friends Stacey and Dean at Vine Park Brewery in St. Paul. At Vine Park you mix a bunch of ingredients together, then come back two weeks later to bottle the fermented results.

They give you the recipe and supervise while you measure and mix. You can't drink alcohol you just buy from them on the premises, but through some legal loop hole you can drink your own beer while you bottle it.
Above is some fermenting wine.

And here is the beer fermenting.

Ta-da! On Saturday we bottled. Christina and Dean worked on the IPA we chose.

Stacey and Ken (long story short: Stacey and Dean are hosting a 17 year old Malaysian boy for a month or so) bottled the root beer we ordered. Since their root beer is a secret recipe we didn't make it, just bottled it.


Old pictures galore at SHORPY. I found this site and love looking through the different categories.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Luminary Loppet

Kristen and I skied the luminary loppet again this year, but this time I decided to lug around my tripod and digital SLR camera. Although it was somewhat cumbersome, it was worth it! It was really exciting to take tons of time lapse night shots. All the skiers had green, blue and red glow sticks which added interesting lines to the shots. Also there were some hippies twirling their fire sticks and fire hula hoops at one location, which were a dream come true to photograph. Here are a few of the pictures I took. Also it looks like there was no one skiing, but there were tons of people-- if they didn't stand still for the exposure, then they didn't show up. Some of the photos look better when you click on them because you can see the details.

We jumped in the shot on this one. Kristen is on the left, and I am on the right, looking somewhat ghost-like.