Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cellar progress

We removed everything including the original plaster ceiling. Then we painted the cement block and wood walls. The floating cork floor is just about done (two shades). Now comes electrical and finalizing the rack design so we can order everything. We've decided to order from APEX. Their local representative came over yesterday and took some measurements and told us what would and wouldn't work. He gave me some encouraging words about the installation. Basically he could do it for $150 per rack. Since Mike is looking at 7-10 racks that seemed ridiculous. Shouldn't matter, he said a monkey with a nail gun and compressor could do it. I'm that monkey. Below is one possible design we're thinking about. The racking can be built around the water pipe and meter on the left wall. This would hold a tad over 800 bottles.


laehmc said...

dear monkey,
are you having fun? getting muscle bound? sneaking drinks when no one is around? contemplating a career move?

laughjon said...

I was Ikea and saw some awesome metal wine racks. Don't know if that would work for this project, but for something smaller scale these were awesome.