Friday, January 30, 2009

Winter visitors

Steve's college friends Travis and Sarah and their kids, Therin and Kya, came to visit last weekend. We had a big outdoor weekend planned which was thwarted due to the negative temps. No ice sculpture watching or art shanties for us. So we just did things around town indoors like going to the Wild Rumpus in linden hills and Choo choo bobs in St. Paul. Also we hung out at home and made brownies (Kya helped with clean up) and played with my 'vintage' childhood toys like barbies (see Steve above) and legos. We had a fun time playing with the kids and catching up with the adults.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cellar progress

We removed everything including the original plaster ceiling. Then we painted the cement block and wood walls. The floating cork floor is just about done (two shades). Now comes electrical and finalizing the rack design so we can order everything. We've decided to order from APEX. Their local representative came over yesterday and took some measurements and told us what would and wouldn't work. He gave me some encouraging words about the installation. Basically he could do it for $150 per rack. Since Mike is looking at 7-10 racks that seemed ridiculous. Shouldn't matter, he said a monkey with a nail gun and compressor could do it. I'm that monkey. Below is one possible design we're thinking about. The racking can be built around the water pipe and meter on the left wall. This would hold a tad over 800 bottles.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Cellar redux... wine waiting safely for a new home

For Christmas we gave Christina's dad (Mike) a sconce light in the shape of a wine bottle and a glass cheese cutting tray along with the promise we would provide the labor to renovate his wine cellar. Sunday evening Christina and I moved 600 bottles of wine (give or take) out of the makeshift wine cellar, which he has used for over 15 years. As you can see from the above and below photos, it's a dark room complete with some pine shelving, bookshelves, paint supplies, and lawn furniture. It looks somewhat organized since we cleaned it up a bit when we lived in his house this fall. Moving the wine to another room in the basement (see first photo) was step one.

Mike loves his wine! Our plan is to take everything else out this weekend. That means everything: the shelves, the broken plaster and lath ceiling (AGAIN!). We're going to seal the room, then paint it white. We're thinking we'll install a beadboard ceiling and cork floors. Then comes the fun— designing, ordering, and installing modular wine cellar racks.

Monday, January 05, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen the new Senator of Minnesota (pending lawsuits of course)

Friday, January 02, 2009

A few good links came to mind for January. I'm going with GrassrootsModern. From there site: Grassroots Modern was started to help those who are looking for a modern contemporary style at an affordable price. We hope to be able to connect passionate designers with the masses and become a catalyst for change in the modern contemporary world.

They're doing a good job.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Snow Crab NYE

I spent the last hours of 2008 breaking apart crustacean legs and enjoying the succulent meat I found within. Elissa and Erik threw a fabulous shin-dig at her parent's house. Beyond the wonderful food we had a slide show, dance party, two dogs, and a baby. Oh-nine!