Saturday, October 25, 2008

Two 24' truckloads later

The closing yesterday afternoon went well. We moved some kitchen items over last night and had the cable set up, but today we basically moved all day from 8AM until now. We rented a 24' truck and filled it twice. Christina and her dad did all the driving. After all this I've realized a few things:

We could possibly put radiant heat under most of the kitchen floor. We love our neighbors (one said the neighborhood is "magical"). Our new neighbors are throwing us a party tomorrow. Although we want to build a green roof (there is a bunch of landscaping and painting to do first). I think I'll be involved in the purchase/installation of lots of window treatments and storage systems. Moving on a Packer bye week is wonderful.

Once we get some more put away I'll post the photos of the progress on our new house.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin carving meets election '08

Obama is mine, McCain is Steve's. We might carve devil horns on McCain though. We don't want our new – wildly liberal – neighbors in the lyndale neighborhood to shun us from the start. We want to get off on the right foot with them (or would that be left foot? sorry i couldn't help myself). i will carve a michelle obama also... it might be cute to carve the whole obama family while i'm at it.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Are you sitting down? Probably. After much searching... we have a new house at 32nd and Harriet and close 2 weeks. we are thrilled with it! Steve will have a 4 min drive to work or a 10 min. bike ride on the greenway, I can catch an express bus on lyndale or bike easily to work. The neighborhood has a strong sense of community and is very tight knit — exactly what we were looking for. This house has virtually everything that we wanted in a house (and more) and we are just taking the neighbors' word for it that mentally ill people don't live next door.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I'm not sure if this post actually deserves this many photos; I went a little nuts with them. Last weekend we went camping up on Madeline island at Big Bay State Park with our friends eric and susan and a bunch of their friends. Applefest was going on in Bayfield all weekend and we spent saturday there eating as many apple things as we could.

Worst wines i have ever tasted, but Steve, Ben, Eric & Susan look to be enjoying them.

This was pretty funny. They had an hour to make the longest peel. Lots of different techniques.

Doesn't that seem kind of expensive?

Noted without comment.

Fall colors on a hike around the island on Sunday.

I mean, how could we resist?

My first attempt at applesauce making (jury's still out on the results) and a favorite stand-by apple pie. (hey that rhymes!)

Friday, October 03, 2008

Earning our keep

after (this will look better in the spring when it fills out)

before (note: the evergreen is no longer green)

We have been working hard ever since we moved into my dad's house at the beginning of Sept, constantly working, in fact. The above re-landscaping is just one of the projects we have been working on. It was grueling work due the fact that nothing has been done since he moved in over 15 years ago. Home improvement isn't his thing. The end results have been very satisfying though and we are happy to be almost finished. Many neighbors have come over and wondered if new people moved in because there have been so many changes outside. They have also offered to house us next if we would work as hard on their houses. Not kidding. Perhaps more pictures to come in the future. this is all i have time for right now.

Thursday, October 02, 2008


Quick print off a few cards to play Palin Bingo with your friends and family. VP debate #1 is tonight. But I imagine this could be fun anytime the Governor of Alaska opens her mouth.

Here is how you play:
• Whenever Sarah Palin says a word or phrase in one of your boxes, check it off.
• If you check 5 boxes in any straight or diagonal line, you win PALIN BINGO!
• The center box, “Air Space” is free. Go ahead and check that off right away.
• For extra points, try and score a “Media Black-Out”, by filling in all the boxes on your card!