Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer wedding bookend

Last Saturday we spent the afternoon and evening celebrating my friend Randy's wedding. It was fun to see Emily and Randy enjoying their favorite German beverage (BEER) since they met in Germany. We had fun with a bunch of my La Crosse friends. Its pretty amazing how closely Randy is following his four year plan. Next step in the plan, moving to Minneapolis next year.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

City of Angels (freeways and roosters)

Christina and I joined her dad for a three day weekend trip to sunny LA. Our friends Jimmy and Loey (above, with their great granddaughter) were having a big 60th wedding anniversary party at their house in the Van Nuys. We also had the chance to visit Minnette, our wedding flower girl (and Loey's sister). Lots of driving around the city. We hit downtown the first day.

Some of the restaurant signs were pretty awesome!

LA's food was basically Mexican, burgers, sushi and hot dogs. We had a nice meal Sunday in Pasadena at Minnette's granddaughter's restaurant called Firefly.

Venice Beach was fun on Friday. Of course we saw the beach, body builders, and the guy on skates playing guitar. We also took a walk around the canals a few block from the beach. I had no idea Venice Beach was named that because a developer built canals and houses to mirror Venice, Italy. Did you?
Saturday we went down to Hollywood. It was pretty crowded down there. Our realtor called about the purchase offer while we were standing at the Chinese Theater. Not an ideal location to negotiate the sale of your house. Oh, well.

Later we drove around Beverly Hills. We took a stroll on Rodeo Drive. CELBRITY SIGHTING! That's right, I'm pretty sure I saw Michael Clarke Duncan. He was large.

This is Minnette's dog Flicka. Cute, huh? We stayed at her house while she was recovering in the hospital from a heart attack (she is rapidly improving). Her house is in the Echo Park neighborhood and had a nice view of the city, the Hollywood sign in the hills. It was however, a loud neighborhood. Dogs, roosters and sirens.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Oh, it's true! crazy, right? we are elated that the house sold so quickly and we got the asking price. the house sold in 4 days and it is a huge relief. only problem now is that a month from today (our closing) we will be officially homeless. so guess what.... we're moving into my dad's house. it seems to be the best option for us because we don't want to have to rush into buying anything that we haven't fully thought through just because we need somewhere to live. also it will work out well for my dad because i'm pretty sure we will begin improvements on his house the day after we move over there. we've got a list of things we want to accomplish for him. all and all, moving over there isn't exactly ideal, but in a situation like this we have to be flexible. seems like we have already crossed the biggest hurdle of this whole process and that is selling the house in a bad economy. perhaps a celebration will be in order!

Monday, August 04, 2008

Bring on the offers...

Our house went on the market this afternoon (CHECK OUT THE LISTING). Realtor open house is tomorrow and a regular open house is this weekend. Everyone has said it looks "cute" thus far. That doesn't do much for me after watching a story on CBS Sunday morning news yesterday about how impossible it is to find a person to tell you your freak show baby doesn't look "cute.".

Friday, August 01, 2008


I wanted to get a shirt that says "I PUT KETCHUP ON MY KETCHUP" until I noticed it dozens of times and it lost it's cool factor in my heart. I still love condiments, though not as much as this guy. I read about the collection of condiment packets on PopCandy. Pretty crazy they are treated as a baseball card collection would.
"I carefully remove the contents of my packets by slicing open the back along the bottom seam with a sharp blade. I rinse the inside of the packets thoroughly to ensure all traces of sauce are expelled. I then wait until the packets are completely dry before I place them in baseball card cases to preserve them cleanly and safely for many generations."