Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Milwaukee shenanigans

I hitched a ride with my friends Ginny and Erin thursday afternoon. They were headed to Chicago and my destination was Milwaukee. The great thing about carpooling was Ginny had her mom's car with a DVD player. The ride went by quick!

I caught up for some drinks on Water Street with my little brother Adam close to midnight. Friday morning I took his new Scion to my old friend Mike Brumm's house. Mike has been renovating the East side home for a year+ now. He basically has gutted the place and now he's converting the attic to living space. I tell you one thing; Brumm likes expanding foam more than even I do.
Later in the day, Dave and I stopped at Lake Front brewery for a couple beers while we waited for Adam to get home from work

Friday evening my buddy Randy Kessler, my brothers and I went down to Marcus Amphitheater to see Elvis Costello and the Police. Before the show we walked into the Summerfest grounds for Germanfest. Kessler works with some German companies and was invited to a VIP party for the German Chamber of Commerce. We put down a few free beers and of course some bratwurst.

The concert itself was pretty great. Our seats were back in the bleachers, but perfectly center. Elvis had Sting join him for Alison and both bands pumped out the hits. The weather was perfect!
Saturday I hoped a yellow school bus at exactly 2:30 to drive down to Miller Park with Kessler and 20 of his closest friends and his soon to be brother in laws to tailgate and watch a Brewer game. The bachelor party festivities included picking up Point East wings, a bags tournament, playing some beer pong, grilling, and finally after three hours everyone took turns doing a barrel stand (above photo is Kessler, post barrel stand). Woow.

The Brewers played well in front of a sell out crowd and beat the Astros. I hadn't been to a game since the year the new ballpark opened, It was a blast to see everyone so interested in the team.

After the game we took our bus to the Southside of Milwaukee to a little bar called Koz's. In the back of the bar they had four 16' mini bowling lanes. Little pins, little balls. It was crazy (check out this video of some other group bowling). Kessler nearly killed one of the kids working the pin setup behind the alley and also managed to spill a pitcher of beer on my lap. I bowled a 254 and made it out of the place without breaking anything. It should be noted the bar was in a sketch part of town. A lady at the bar had a rottweiler walking around and as we left a guy drinking vodka out of a pickle jar decided to strike up some friendly banter with the group.

Sunday, Adam and my mom drove down to Madison so I could catch my ride home. We stopped in Johnson Creek for some shopping and ate at a Red Robbin for lunch. Besides the amount of kid noise, you can't beat bottomless steak fries and good burgers.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Back mudroom after. like a page straight out of Domino.

Back mudroom before (would have been better with all our cereal boxes in the shelf, but i'm sure you all remember how messy it looked.) This is the last room in the entire house that we hadn't painted yet. mission complete.

Goin' up for sale

We made the decision over 4th of July weekend and have pretty much been working nonstop since then to get the house ready. We have been interviewing realtors and signed the papers with one on Saturday. Every night has been a late night and every weekend since has been two full (12+ hour) days of work. We are exhausted, but the house is taking shape and looks better than ever. We had a stager come, who was provider by the realtor, and she gave us a list that is two full pages long of things to do. Very overwhelming and stressful (we love stress--note sarcasm-- first the wedding and now this!). I think my next career move will be a stager. I was asking her all about it and it seems like an awesome job.

We would like to move this along fast so we are hoping to have it on the market in the next few weeks. We haven't bought another house yet, but we have found one that we like in the Armatage neighborhood of SW mpls. Who knows what will end up happening though. Task at hand, selling the house... finding a house should be the easier part in this buyers' market.

You know those books where people from all different countries stand outside next to all their stuff from their house? The people from the US have a yard full and people in, say, africa have 6 basic necessities. well here's my pile (almost none of this was steve's), but it's only about 1/4 of the stuff in the house. We rented a moving truck and Anton was nice enough to help us move all this to my dad's basement.

Worst job ever. Kristen and cameron came over and helped us paint the basement with cement paint. Pretty much the most caustic smelling thing i have smelled in a while--- think perm solution smell. We are forever grateful for their help and hardwork. The basement has never looked better. Amazing what a coat of paint will do.

Front mudroom before (after is still to come) same flooring as the other mudroom though. so happy not to see this ugly flooring anymore.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Belated 4th of July recap

we have been super busy the last few nights so here is a recap of last weekend. Yep that's a cake that is made out of cupcakes... like 40 or so of them. basically this creation took us all day between finding lots of different red and white candies, baking, decorating and then assembling. one fatal mistake we made was assembling it before we went to the party. we should know better after watching ace of cakes. the car ride to kelsey and jarvy's was hilarious. cupcakes were flying all over the car.

The only time I like this garage at the end of the alley is one day a year, especially when we have a cake to match it. The owner is a bush/cheney supporter, I might add, if you hadn't already guessed that.
matt, coxie, emily, ginny and heidi enjoying the born of our nation.

Too bad I wasn't smiling. still a cool picture with the sparkler though. is it just me or does it remind you of that mister rogers crayon episode where the little girl looks at a crayon and then it fades to the factory... instead though here it's like, how is a sparkler made? fade to pyrotechnics factory...
Steve and Kelsey, happy and nervous, respectively.

We let the chickens roam free for the first time now that the fence is completed. they didn't really know what to do at first, but then seemed to enjoy themselves. it was quite a sight seeing us get them back into the coop though. see picture below taken by emily. that stick there is steve.

Move a long girls. back into your home now...

Completed the cutting of the glass on this project this weekend. A stained glass window for my friends Dean and Stacey's wedding present. For the record, they got married two years ago (and i started cutting the pieces for it when i did the window for the bathroom). hey, i've been busy.. they know i'm good for it. it will be worth the wait.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Christina and I have both been biking to work lately. I just have to get onto the Greenway bike trail and it's smooth sailing. Christina usually bikes to the light rail, hops on, then rides a few blocks from the last stop downtown to work. It's nice to get some exercise and save the gas money. There are a few links that help commuting via bicycle.