Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Up up and away!

Today I went to coon rapids (or as i like to affectionately call it, crapids) to take photos for the Northstar Commuter rail groundbreaking. Beforehand, as we were standing around waiting for the event to begin, my friend kelci and i talked our way onto the firetruck's 'cherrypicker' basket. it was kind of a fun way to pass the time. it was pretty high up, the EMT said that Crapids doesn't even have a building that tall, i'd guess it was 150 ft or so. maybe i'm totally off, but pretty sure I could have bungee jumped off of there. it was all in preparation for climbing the Sydney harbour bridge.... only a few weeks away!

EMT Sean brought us up to show us all coon rapids had to offer... which is not much.
(also note that it is April 29th and I am wearing my winter coat and wooly hat due to the never ending winter)

a picture for perspective. not sure if this post really deserves three pictures, but oh well.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Wedding time, Texas Panhandle style!

Ah, here is the lovely couple Pat and Jacque. Christina and I joined a couple hundred people that made the trip down to Hereford, TX this past weekend for their wedding. Jacque's family has a huge ranch in town where they plant all sorts of crops and keep cattle. We left our house around 5 AM Friday to catch a 7:20 flight to Dallas. Then we flew to Amarillo, rented a Prius and drove an hour southwest to Hereford. Come 6PM we were on our way to the rehearsal dinner for some chicken fried steak and a little line dancing.

This photograph is official McBlog property. Pat's dad had the picture in the background blown up and given to them during the rehearsal dinner. It was taken in France this summer when they got engaged. Awwww. The wedding itself was at the local church during mass.

Hereford is a pretty small town. Christina and I did take a stroll down the main street and stopped in this shop. They had cowboy boots, cowboy belts, cowboy hats, cowboy shirts; you get the idea. I realized at this store that the hat I bought the previous day at an Amarillo thrift store for 49 cents was actually a pretty pricey hat.

It was great to see everyone. Pat and I grew up together before we shared an apartment in Minneapolis after college. Oakes, Cheesy, Jon*, Condon, Jack, and Heppe were just a few of the people that made the trip from Milwaukee, Chicago, and beyond.

*It should be noted that Pat's brother Jon gave probably the greatest best man speech I have ever heard. Everyone was dying laughing.

Here is Pat's dowry from Jacque's father. I'm not kidding. Luckily he doesn't have to find a place in Chicago for it.

Here we are Sunday at the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. Everything was flat as far as the eye could see, until we got here. It is touted as the second largest canyon in the US. Somehow, people are not 100% sure? Anyway, it was a beautiful wedding! We were very happy to be able to share the event with everyone. Pat and Jacque's families put on a great weekend.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Back home. have double pink eye as a parting gift from our trip to texas. more later.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Ready for her close up

Tonight Steve and I did a photoshoot in our mudroom with Queenie. At work we are starting to think of concepts for this year's state fair campaign and one of which involved a chicken... so Queenie was the perfect candidate for the job. Actually she was more cooperative than I expected (surprisingly 60+ pictures were taken). I think I got at least something for a mock up.

Steve was kind of the bird handler and coaxer (if that's a word). he was less than enthused about this endeavor, but this was definitely a two person job.

Monday, April 07, 2008

Early spring nuptials for Oona and Tim!

Christina and I attended our friend Oona's wedding ceremony and reception on Saturday. The happy couple really lucked out with the weather. It snowed last Monday (and again today), but on Saturday we got over 60 and it was sunny all day. Wonderful! They had a beautiful ceremony at the Como conservatory. Except for the fact we were not allowed to view the corpse flower that is about to bloom everything was perfect.

After the brief ceremony, we headed over to the reception at Il Vesco Vino wine bar on Selby and Dale, in St. Paul. We both had a ton of fun. Christina had all of her friends she studied abroad with in Scotland there (her connection to Oona). I ran into a bunch of old La Crosse acquaintances from college (where I know Oona and Tim from). In the photo above the happy couple are holding the cake topper Christina found for them. They look just like the couple on the topper, it's creepy!

Here I am catching up with my old college roommate Zak. Just like old times!

This is the famous Scotland crew (minus a few people). It was great to see everyone!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Food and more food

last friday kelsey and i took a pasta making class at let's cook. basically i need to learn to like/eat other foods besides the probably 14 meals that i rotate through every 2 weeks (and 14 meals might even be a stretch). i'm picky, what can i say? also i don't follow written directions well so i need to just know how to make something. 2 strikes against me. so we learned how to make homemade pasta w/mint almond pesto, sauage lasagna (yeah didn't eat it) and cheese tortellini. it was a fun group of people and at the end of class we all enjoyed the meals. as you can see from above, kelsey enjoyed her meal.

(and to spice up this moderately boring post) here's zimm doing his impression of garfield the cat on saturday when a bunch of us went out for kristen's bday.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008


I try to read a little of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal from time to time. It helps me stay up to date on all things Milwaukee (like Tom Crean leaving for the Hoosiers and Stevie Wonder opening Summerfest). I found this great resource for trying to live a little more green. Check out Bright Ideas: you green guide on how to save money and help the planet.