Sunday, December 31, 2006

Post 100!

Happy New Year. Before I begin my NYE count down I wanted to throw a few pictures on McBlog. Probably not the best use of the one hundreth post, but the clock is ticking.

The rain finally switched to snow in the afternoon today. Christina and I took this little snapshot on our way back from the grocery store.

Yes I announced the completion of the closet, but here is what the linen closet looks like on the hallway side.

Making potato latkes for Hanukkah two weeks ago.

Christina made a cupcake manger scene for an Xmas party 3 weeks ago. Nobody ate baby Jesus.

Friday, December 22, 2006

It's Winter Solstice! The Sun heads for a new beginning from today. So gear up for the shortest day that's big on fun.

A girl at work sends a message like this each day from her day calendar. Usually pretty funny. My shortest day began with a freezing cold shower. Sorry no pictures. It seems the gas company forgot to turn my water heater back on when they replaced my gas meter earlier this week. I called when I got to work. Not to complain (because it's not like I can switch to a different gas utility), more to make sure they knew it was bogus. Well, the whole company except emergency assistance is off today. Happy Holidays from Centerpoint Energy!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

I know that no one cares what I had for lunch...

But, I had some of Chef Boyardee's famous beefaroni and a chocolate snack pack. Why am I mentioning this? Well, except for the fact I didn't bring it to work in a thermos I think it's exactly my standard lunch from 6th grade. What could be sadder? I have now watched all of season one and I'm seven episodes into season two of Grey's Anatomy at work on a portable DVD player I stole from Tina to use at work. What can I say, I'm hooked.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The not so sweet aroma of natural gas

I decided to put a new furnace filter in when I got home from my silent, somewhat chilly ride home from work. For the last week or so right before my heat comes on I can hear a squeak noise. Something like "squuuuueeeeeaaaaikk." For the most part I was usually in my bedroom right above the gas meter. Since I was in the basement this time I decided to investigate. A lot of sniffing and looking around. All of a sudden, "squuuuueeeeeaaaaikk" and I could briefly smell a little natural gas. I called CenterPoint Energy just to be safe. What are the chances I'd call 911 and hit option #1 (If you smell gas or have a gas leak) with the gas company in the same day? I told the girl that I doubt this is an emergency but I hear a sound something like "squuuuueeeeeaaaaikk" and I thought I could smell a bit of gas around my gas meter in my basement. She apologized for interrupting and informed my to distinguish any open flames, not turn anything electric on or off, and leave my house right away! She kind of scared me.

In about a half hour (time I used to talk on my cell and vacuum glass pieces out of my jeep) Mike the emergency gas guy showed up with a giger counter for natural gas. In short, no leaks were detected, but I made sure he stayed until we both heard "squuuuueeeeeaaaaikk." He said it's still possible a little gas is getting out (nothing harmful for now) and a service order should be opened to quiet or possibly replace my gas meter.

Things I learned:
  • If you tell the gas company you smell gas they don't mess around.
  • A gas meter has little pumps that regulate the pressure.
  • Your furnace and water heater can both be the source of carbon monoxide (Mike checked everything out).
  • If the gas company has to come for a gas leak and can't gain entry they can legally get a locksmith or force entry.
  • This day blows!
Broken glass everywhere...

I came out to my car parked in front of Christina's apartment early today and found glass all over. Some punk broke the passenger door window and ripped out my CD deck. This is the first time I forgot to take my security face off the deck. Amazing. I called the cops right away, then realized they called and left me a message at 1:58 AM. Per the message they drove bye on patrol and saw the glass and that the stereo was stolen. Although I approeciate the "heads up" voicemail the fuzz took too long to show up so I made a report via the Minneapolis 311 non-emergency number. Glass work is free with my insurance and its getting completed at my place of work tomorrow. In addition to my stereo, the criminals made off with the new Beck album that was in it (which blows so whatever) and my gloves, but they left my WILCO albums, the furnace filters I bought last night, and a spoon on the floor of the passenger side. The spoon was bent as if it would fit over your knuckles. Weird.

Sunday, December 03, 2006


I had heard a few people metion the great corned beef and Jewish delicatessens at Cecils in St. Paul but didn't realize a) it was in the Highland Park neighborhood, maybe 10 minutes from my house and b) the food was super delicious. Oh, and the bakery makes hamantaschen.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Whiteboard music

This is just a wonderful video. Although I wish it was set to a Radiohead song. The site is the December LINK OF THE MONTH (warning: some of the videos on the site may not be safe for work, etc based on the titles themselves).