Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Wii have a problem...

I just want to try some of the new Nintendo Wii games. Like bowling and tennis, heck fishing sounds fun as well. The controllers that get you "physically" involved seem real cool. This website has a different opinion. Check out the video of the bowler on the bottom of the main page. I've been known to loft a ball before, but this is ridiculous.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

To brine or not to brine?

I'm making the turkey for Thanksgiving at Christina's dad's house this year. I've made turkey a couple of times. My intent is to stuff it with White Castle burger stuffing like the last time I made one. It's really good and a nice conversation piece during the feast. Besides possibly getting an organic bird I might mix things up and brine. Has anyone done this? To brine or not to brine??

UPDATE: I didn't brine.

Friday, November 17, 2006

Photo Friday returns!

Reuters has a great collection of photos called The State of the World. The digital photos of the year are pretty amazing as well. Check out 2006 and 2005.

> Last Photo Friday!

Thursday, November 09, 2006

All in a days work (after months and months)

With the help of Jim the handyman, I finally hung the crown molding in the dining and living rooms. A few walls made it hard to have perfect corners, but a little puttie and mineral spirits should fix that. The last phase is complete. It's a bit sad in May I thought the end of this was near.

The closet project is nearing completion. Jim and I put the trim around to match my bedroom door. I need to stain the wood and paint over some plaster fixes around the closet. I have doors to put together and hang. Also the duct work still needs to be moved a foot to the right. Meanwhile, as you can see on the left side of the combined picture, the linen closet has a back wall and framing. All I need is a few shelves cut. Pretty amazing this was just a narrow closet accessible only from the hall originally.

Monday, November 06, 2006


The November LINK OF THE MONTH is Sushiday. This website has all you need to know to enjoy and even make sushi.
Fox affiliate

Living in Minnesota as a Packer fan can be tough. I come to work Friday and everyone has purple on (man am I glad the Bucks got rid of that color). If the Pack plays at the same time as the Vik-queens I need to go to a bar that carries the game on satellite. In the past this wasn't all that bad. My friends and I would wake up early and get to Gabe's By The Park before the doors opened at 10 AM so we could reserve the best table in the place. For 5 hours we'd eat cheese curds and discuss football and life. When the Packers play at a different time however I get to lie on my couch like most fans and watch my favorite team. So was the case yesterday. Or so I thought; 12:01 on FOX, what's playing? The One. WTF! The Viks didn't play until after 3, what was going on? The local FOX affiliate here only had a customer service inquiry form, so I sent them one sentence about the programming for the day.

Topic: Programming
Comments: You're playing The One vs the Packer/Bills game? Why??????????

I actually got a reply just now.

The network NFL agreements prevent both FOX and CBS from airing doubleheaders on the same day. The agreements split the weeks of who has a doubleheader and who gets a single game. Unfortunately, this is a week where FOX only has the rights to air a single game.

Normally there would be a doubleheader on the local CBS station today, but NFL rules prevent any game from airing against a home team game.

We would love to air the Packers game as they are a very important team to us and we always air Packers games when we are allowed. Our program director has spoken to the NFL about these types of problems, but the NFL is not willing to change their rules.

We are very sorry for the viewing inconvenience.

I guess I should be mad at the NFL, and not FOX.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


Christina finished the New York City Marathon today. Amazing accomplishment. Running 26.2 miles seems super human to me (I get a bit tired biking 10). I ran a 13+ minute mile in 7th grade and Tina just ran over 26 of them in a bit under ten and a half minutes on average. I stayed home*, but Kristen went with and ran as well.

Here are the official results from the ING NYC Marathon website:

Place: 22523
Gender Place: 5569
Age Place: 1425
Runner No.: F8456
First Name: Christina
Last Name: Miller
Age: 27F
State/Country: MN/USA
Official Time: 4:33:24
5K Time: 0:30:52
10K Time:
15K Time: 1:31:16
20K Time: 2:03:23
1/2 Marathon Time: 2:12:59
25K Time: 2:39:03
30K Time: 3:12:05
35K Time: 3:45:46
40K Time: 4:19:51
Pace/Mile: 10:26

* The weather was very pleasant this weekend in Mpls. I took advantage of the time to take care of the leaf raking, cleaning the gutters, cleaning the garage, storing the bball hoop and water barrel for the winter, and I even framed up the linens closet shelving and relocated an outlet (finally nearing the end of the closet project, whew!).

Friday, November 03, 2006

Rapping paper

My Hanuka gifts to people just got some street cred with this wrapping paper.