Saturday, September 02, 2017

The rest of summer

This summer has been busy and I haven't had time for an update so here it goes in no particular order. Harriet went to a different camp every week of the summer and Eloise also went to a couple. We biked a ton and enjoyed picnics at the lake. We hung out with friends and family. It was a pretty great summer overall.

Steve made this beautiful pie for July 4th out of our friends' sour cherries.

Open Eye theater event. (Eloise is a unicorn, Harriet- blue man group?)

Square Lake music festival!

Dancing with friends.

Making a bat house out of old car parts at the Bat Festival.

Checked out HOTTEA's art install at MOA.

We hatched 51 monarchs this summer. At least 6 got out of the cage and made their chrysalises all over our house.  

Solar eclipse party at Becky and Raymond's house.

Met Al Franken at the state fair.
Learned how to make bracelets with Somali elders at the Indigo dying event at the Textile Center.

The Smiths came to visit and Kya showed off her strength.

Aladdin at the Steppingstone Theater. Eloise as an honorary cast member after the performance.

Billy Joel at Target Field.

Labor day weekend in Hudson's with Lucia, Soli, Stella and Naomi. A sisters pic!

Spent our time there fishing, swimming and boating.

We did a bunch of indigo dying a home one afternoon and it was a ton of fun and the blankets an pillow cases we made turned out amazingly well.

Harriet's bday party with friends.

Sprinkler time at the party.

We did a tie dying party which was perfect for this age and the shirts turned out great.

Hanging out with Mia and Ari.

Night out in Northfield. My aunt Sylvia took the girls for a Saturday and overnight. Steve and I hung out around northfield and enjoyed our time alone.

Fun at Lake Harriet. We went for a picnic and the concert almost every single Sunday this summer.

Lots of veggies in the garden. We put up this trellises for beans and we had a bountiful harvest. I got to the point where I wasn't sure if I could eat another green bean, but persevered.

Just hanging out in an ice cream truck at Open streets. 

Harriet did a lot of camps this summer, including this one at SW super summer camp. And below Harriet and Lauren did Kici Yapi together and did many performances for us afterwards with all the songs they learned.

My cousin Steve married Jordan.

Harriet learned to ride a bike.

Bday party for Eloise. A low-key affair with only a few friends.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017


This is a really great age. I love chatting with her and helping to try to answer all the questions she comes up with on a various of topics. We have been reading biographies of notable Americans this summer and I can barely read a page without ten questions. She has become less introverted lately and has made friends at camps when she attended them alone. She loves science, art projects and doing experiments.

Monday, July 03, 2017

Trip to Milwaukee

We hadn't been to Milwaukee in a while so we decided to go for a long weekend to visit family and friends. We packed about as much in as we possibly could into those 4 days.

Day #1. We visited Steve's college friends Kim and Adam and their two kids and stayed the night at their house the first night and then the last night of the trip. I hadn't seen both of them since I first met them 13 years ago at a wedding. As it happened, it was 13 years to the day when we reunited again. I like them both a lot and it is so easy hanging out with them on their farm. The kids immediately loved each other and had so much fun running around together.
They rehabbed an old barn on their property and host weddings there during the warm months. After seeing of the before pictures, it looked like they had done a ton of work to get it into shape.

Their two kids are the exact same age as ours. Harriet loved driving this little truck.

The best part about staying there was that it was firefly season and it was truly magical. Our girls had never seen them before and honestly I don't think I have seen any in maybe 20 years. As it grew dark, out thousands of them could be seen over the cornfield until about an hour after sunset.

We slept in their camper which was a fun adventure! I had never slept in one before, nor had the girls and they loved the bunk bed inside.

Bunk bed hugging snugglers.

Day #2. We made our way to Milwaukee the next day and visited Steve's mom. It was nice to see her again and the girls enjoyed running around with her dog Shayna in the yard.

Next we visited Steve's great uncle Mort and his wife Etsie. It would be the last time we visit them in their house because they are moving to an independent living place soon.

We got to see my college roommate Meagan and her daughter Leona in the morning and then that night we offered to take her so they could enjoy some alone time for their 10th wedding anniversary. It turned out being mutually beneficial because the girls loved being together. 

 We went to Steve's college friends Zak and his wife Kelly's house and slept there for the night. They hosted a BBQ and Steve was able to visit was a bunch of college buddies. We had a very packed day of visiting people that day! Tiring, but great to see everyone.

Day #4. Summerfest. A lot of firsts for everyone on this trip. The girls and I had never been to Summerfest before so we headed out early and did that. We listened to one cover band, did some kid activities, eat, watched a hip hop dance show, went on a sky glider and headed out.

It is located right of Lake Michigan. Very pretty location.
Eloise and Mia. That afternoon we headed back to the farm to spend one more night with our buddies before heading home the next day.

They rehabbed a chicken coop to be a dressing room for the bride and bridesmaids and also a guest room the other times.
Harriet, Miles, Eloise and Mia.  BFFs.

Parent pic taken by Eloise.

Night time of the farm.
Day #4. Time to go home, but one last visit for the road. Steve's cousin Lisa and her husband Lou met us at a rest stop by their house so we could catch up for a bit, but stay on track to get home at a reasonable hour.

We had a very nice trip and, although it was exhausting, we really enjoyed seeing everyone. We don't go back very often, but went we do, we go all out. Sorry to anyone we couldn't visit!