Thursday, November 30, 2017

Fall fun


Here are some of the things we did this fall in no particular order. Its been busy. Above, family day at the Mia with Harriet's buddy, Beatrice.

Unicorn baby cousin.

One last concert at the lake. 

We said goodbye to our neighbor of five years, Esera Tuaolo. He is such a sweet guy and we will miss seeing him all the time.  He was on The Voice this fall and the girls loved watching the show and seeing him sing.

Birthday recognition at preschool.

Art installation at the Mississippi Dam that has been closed off. 

I interviewed my dad in the StoryCorps Booth. I have always wanted to do that and was thrilled to get a slot when the booth came to St. Paul. We talked about family history, my dad's life and St. Paul history.

SW high school 20th reunion at Stellas. 

Dunk the principal at Harriet's school carnival. 

A VERY rainy, but memorable, 80th birthday party for our neighbor Lynne. Also pictured Mayor Betsy Hodges, also a neighbor. Eloise spent much of the chilly, wet night snuggled under a blanket with Lynne while listening to the bluegrass band.

Girl Scout excursion. Harriet joined Girl Scouts this fall and we went to Woodlake Nature center and did some letterboxing. The troop is a mix of Lake Harriet and Lyndale School kids.  

I went to Yosemite with friends, more on that in another post.

 Two Fridas with my friend Giselle.

 Halloween costumes. A carrot and Rapunzel. 

Harriet and the resist bear.

Fun at the icy creek.

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Indigo dying

 As I mentioned before, indigo dying was extremely fun. I got a kit and it took a bit of set up, but then was quite easy. I made four different techniques of shibori dying for the muslin blankets. The one above is wrapped around a PVC pipe and then squished down and wrapped with twine.

These ones are more traditional dye tying techniques.

 This ikat design was my favorite. I just put a pebble in the fabric and then wrapped a rubber band around it.

 Harriet's buddy Martha made this shirt that turned out great.

 This one I folded into a square and then clambered down a piece of cardboard on top.

This I just folded like an accordion.
 As you can see once they dry and are washed, they have a less bright color.

 We made 3 pillow cases.

Monday, September 04, 2017


Eloise is a real force. She can be such a sweet, loving kid. She loves animals, being read to, Princess Sofia, dressing up and playing with friends. She talks with people easily and makes friends where ever she goes.  She is also a challenge and can have quite a temper. A real Jekyll and Hyde. 

Eloise is looking a little worse for wear in this birthday pic due to some face bug bites. Her right eye was almost totally closed, didn't seem to bother her though.

39" tall (51%) and 32 lbs (30%)

Saturday, September 02, 2017

The rest of summer

This summer has been busy and I haven't had time for an update so here it goes in no particular order. Harriet went to a different camp every week of the summer and Eloise also went to a couple. We biked a ton and enjoyed picnics at the lake. We hung out with friends and family. It was a pretty great summer overall.

Steve made this beautiful pie for July 4th out of our friends' sour cherries.

Open Eye theater event. (Eloise is a unicorn, Harriet- blue man group?)

Square Lake music festival!

Dancing with friends.

Making a bat house out of old car parts at the Bat Festival.

Checked out HOTTEA's art install at MOA.

We hatched 51 monarchs this summer. At least 6 got out of the cage and made their chrysalises all over our house.  

Solar eclipse party at Becky and Raymond's house.

Met Al Franken at the state fair.
Learned how to make bracelets with Somali elders at the Indigo dying event at the Textile Center.

The Smiths came to visit and Kya showed off her strength.

Aladdin at the Steppingstone Theater. Eloise as an honorary cast member after the performance.

Billy Joel at Target Field.

Labor day weekend in Hudson's with Lucia, Soli, Stella and Naomi. A sisters pic!

Spent our time there fishing, swimming and boating.

We did a bunch of indigo dying a home one afternoon and it was a ton of fun and the blankets an pillow cases we made turned out amazingly well.

Harriet's bday party with friends.

Sprinkler time at the party.

We did a tie dying party which was perfect for this age and the shirts turned out great.

Hanging out with Mia and Ari.

Night out in Northfield. My aunt Sylvia took the girls for a Saturday and overnight. Steve and I hung out around northfield and enjoyed our time alone.

Fun at Lake Harriet. We went for a picnic and the concert almost every single Sunday this summer.

Lots of veggies in the garden. We put up this trellises for beans and we had a bountiful harvest. I got to the point where I wasn't sure if I could eat another green bean, but persevered.

Just hanging out in an ice cream truck at Open streets. 

Harriet did a lot of camps this summer, including this one at SW super summer camp. And below Harriet and Lauren did Kici Yapi together and did many performances for us afterwards with all the songs they learned.

My cousin Steve married Jordan.

Harriet learned to ride a bike.

Bday party for Eloise. A low-key affair with only a few friends.